8 (Seriously) Busy Blocks

Full disclosure Freret is my old neighborhood, I bought my first house a block off Freret and I have mad crush on the area. But I'll try to be as objective as possible. The eight very busy blocks of Freret St bound by Jefferson and Napoleon Ave have seen some serious growth post-Katrina. Both a good and bad thing, depending on who you talk to. Density is key here, residents can literally walk to almost anything: dozens of restaurants, a hardware store, the hair solon, the vet, a gym, yoga, you name it and Freretians can probably walk to it. Nestled centrally in Uptown, Freret Street features a monthly Freret Market with live music and a variety of vendors as well an annual Freret St. Festival every April, attracting tens of thousands of people, hundreds of vendors, and several stages of music. It's got a hipper vibe than most of Uptown and is a bit bursting at the seams. Theres plenty to do here, have an Uber drop you off and explore for yourself. 


Your Pet's Home Away from Home

Owner Michelle Ingram of Zeus' Place rescued and adopted out 534 pets in 2016. The Freret institution has been awarded numerous well-deserved Gambit Awards and my own dog, Mickey, is a regular in their doggy daycare. If you get a chance follow the Zeus' crew on their Facebook Page to keep up with all the amazing rescue work they do or just to add some adorable local pet pics to your news feed! P.S. You can now also take your pet to the newest Metairie Small Animal Hospital located right next door to Zeus' Place. 


Evan's Park 

Located a block off Freret at 5100 LaSalle St, Evan's Park is a fabulous little gem with a lot to offer. There's a playground, softball field, basketball courts and Community Garden. The active booster club hosts Open Play for kids in the neighborhood to get together on Wednesday from 5-6:30 and Sundays from 3-5. You can find adult softball/kickball leagues as well as Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and basketball as well.