Their story is like a lot of people I meet. They came down for college and no matter where life brings them, New Orleans keeps calling them back. I met Marcie and Brian a couple years ago while helping them sell their first home on Valence Street. They decided they needed an extended reprise to travel the country and figure out their next step. Marcie, owner of established jewelry line Beau & Stella, can work from anywhere and Brian began a freelance tax accounting service. So I sold the house, they put everything in storage and started off on their adventure. 

Not sure if their journey would bring them back to New Orleans, I was thrilled to receive their call eight months later telling me they’re ready to move home. They wanted two things: 1. Rental Income and 2. space for them to work. We found the perfect renovated shotgun with an adorable guest cottage near Carrollton Ave. that was a fabulous fit. Learn more about Marcie & Brian’s story in the interview below!  

Sissy: What are some of your favorite things about living in New Orleans?

Marcie & Brian: In New Orleans you never know when an ordinary moment or day will turn magical. Like, you can get stuck in traffic while being serenaded by a marching band practicing in front of a school. There’s something about New Orleans that makes your look for the joy and beauty in all of the little moments. 

S: What brought you to the decision that it was time to buy again?

M&B: Brian and I had been on a life ‘sabbatical’ for about 8 months prior to purchasing this house. We had a blast traveling around the country and seeing different places, but we missed ‘home’ and were ready to see our stuff again!

S: What were some of the items on your wish list? How did you know this was the one?

M&B: The non-negotiables for us were for the property to have a rental unit, and an office space. We also wanted it to either be already renovated or at a price where we could do the renovations ourselves. The house we purchased was renovated how I would do it myself, and has an adorable guest cottage. It definitely checked all of our boxes. 

S: Working from home must be a huge challenge. How do yall find balance in a work/home environment? 

M&B: The most important thing for me [Marcie] is for my office to be in it’s own room with a door. When the work day is over, I turn out the lights and close the door. At one time I had a desk in the living space and it made it impossible to unwind. 

S: Do you find that the style of your new home is very different than that of your first?

M&B: Our new home is very white and crisp and at first it felt a bit stark in comparison to our first house which was a bit warmer and softer looking. We’ve been slowly adding layers of texture and character to help soften the edges a bit. 

S: What are your tips for renovating and/or decorating on a budget?

M&B: For renovations - shop around! I find that the price on things can vary depending on where you purchase from. Keep things simple and splurge on a few standouts. For example, the kitchen cabinets are a basic, white shaker but we splurged on gorgeous brushed brass hardware. 

S: What is your favorite part of your home?

M&B: The kitchen is our dream kitchen, and also the sweet little guest house. 

S: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

M&B: You can do anything you want in life as long as you’re willing to work for it.