Josh and Lindsay are amazing New Orleanians and I feel so lucky to call them friends. Josh, who owns Calliope Consulting, a boutique marketing company geared towards small businesses and start-ups, and Lindsay runs regional education initiatives for a national non-profit, found themselves in a very common predicament. The first home they bought was perfect for busy, young professionals but didn’t feel like the right place for the future. 

Their new home on Broadway is quite a departure from their first, which was renovated and turn key. But Broadway gives them the space needed to make decades of memories and slowly renovate to accommodate their growing family. The gorgeous craftsman details hint at the home’s old soul and make’s for a warm, inviting place to be.  Shortly after Josh and Lindsay moved in they brought beautiful Caroline Josephine home and their future officially began! I can’t wait to see how Josh and Lindsay make the house their own and be apart of the memories made there. 

Sissy: Tell me a little about how you met and out down roots in New Orleans...

Josh & Lindsay: We met at Summer Camp in 2002 and remained friends until we started dating in 2012. Josh’s strong family ties in New Orleans brought him Tulane in 2003. And in 2013 Lindsay took the leap and moved here for Josh!

S: What brought you to the decision “it’s time to move”?

J&L: Our first house was great, but started to feel small. We knew our family was growing and rather wait until it was dire, we decided to make the move to our forever home. It was not easy to undergo the stress of buying, selling and moving while pregnant, but in hindsight, it was the right decision. 

S: Tell me a bit about your home search and how you knew Broadway was the right fit.

J&L: Our second home search was casual and had a few more options to choose from, allowing us to be a little more selective. We knew we liked the Uptown/Carrollton area wanted 4 bedrooms and big yard for the dogs. We also didn’t mind needing to work on the house a little, which could increase value. We knew this was the one because it felt like a family lived there. That’s what we needed and wanted. It had the right size, layout and ability to improve and customize it. 

S: Since this a long term house for ya’ll what are your priorities and timeline for making improvements?

J&L: Our priorities have changed a lot now that we have our baby, Caroline. Originally, we wanted to redo the kitchen/living space and master bathroom right away. As it happens, for financial reasons and stressors, I’m glad we held off. We still want to update and change everything, but the urgency has subsided. We’ve decided to do our renovation in two phases: 1. Cosmetic changes like paint as well as necessities like the yard and certain plumbing and electrical updates. We’ve been successful in knocking out phase 1, but phase 2 includes a real renovation. And that will wait until we’re more settled in on our new role as parents and have gotten a feel for how we truly want to live in the house. 

S: How do you approach the decorating process? 

J&L: Lindsay and I have very similar design styles - rustic and comfortable. We want ourhouse to look nice but be functional at the same time. Our decorating tactic is to buy items that can move and change to give rooms versatility. By having pieces that fit in multiple rooms, it allows us to keep things fresh and try new things. We also have color schemes we like: blues, grays, whites, and neutrals. By updating the paint color after we bought the house, we completely refreshed the home. 

S: What are the areas/items you think are worth the splurge? 

J&L: The kitchen and main living spaces are definitely worth it. With an update it will completely change the utility of the main living area and add value. For the master bath, we know it’s a little more of a cosmetic upgrade but we think that it will also increase the value of the house for the long term resale. 

S: What is your favorite part of your home?

J&L: Our stairwell. It has a beautiful original window that lets in a tons of light. You walk up it and at the top of the stairs is the nursery, my favorite room. 

S: Where do you yourselves in five years? 

J&L: We’d love to add another kid or two to the mix, so life will likely be pretty crazy in 5 years with little hands and feet ensuring that the house is always a little messy and filled with lots of laughter!