It's Not What You Think 

Full disclosure I bought my house in Central City not too long ago, so any opinions here are my own. So, Central City's biggest issue is it's long history as a dangerous, low-income, crime ridden area. It's had a hard time shaking off that branding and reinventing itself over the years, but I'm here to tell you that's changing. I'll also tell you that Central City (although certainly not without it's very real problems) is a bad ass neighborhood! Mostly because it's truly a community. Neighbors here know each, they hang out together, they're very welcoming, and they watch out for one another. It's a place where massive second lines and Mardi Gras Indians is just business as usual. Holidays are celebrated, usually in the streets and on porches and block parties. It's a noisy neighborhood, the music pouring from people's porches is too loud and it's bustling with a local meets urban meets hipster vibe. I'm in love with it and hopefully you'll fall in love too. [Check out the new Portside Lounge - a little neighborhood Tiki Bar that's not to be missed!]


O.C. Haley

Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. The commercial corridor that anchors Central City. It's amazing the growth and progress that has gone on in the once run down area. Beautifully paved with a great bike lane, it's bustling with commerce and now houses tons of restaurants, shops, cultural spots and a neighborhood market. My favorite is the monthly block party, First Fridays on the Boulevard


Social Bikes on OCH

Why park when you can bike? OCH has Social Bicycles stationed on the Boulevard. So pick up a bike, swing by Bike Easy @ 2100 OCH Blvd. and grab a map of the best bike routes to get around the city, and explore our fab city on two wheels. I promise you, it's even better that way.