Brittany and I met during a transitional time in her life. She was going through a break-up with a long time boyfriend and needed to move but wasn’t sure what the right next step should be. She loved her central, Prytania neighborhood and did not want to stray far (literally, she gave me a 10 block radius!). But she also knew finding a reasonable rental there that allowed her dog Rex would be tough. Buying soon became the clear objective and we moved quickly on a fabulous Condo on Leontine Street . 

She ended up with a wonderful home for her and Rex, in her perfect location, for far less than she would have paid to rent something comparable. Now Brittany, an attorney doing legal recruiting at a large regional law firm, is the President of her 4 unit Condo Association and Rex is the local watch dog from their charming balcony. 

Sissy: What are some of your favorite things about New Orleans and your neighborhood?

Brittany: I love the pace of the city. It’s slow and leisurely while still feeling like a city. And my neighborhood is very walkable. I can go to the small grocery store on Prytania, take my dog to see the veterinarian, get my hair cut, and eat at great restaurants all right down the street! 

S: Tell us about your home search and how you knew Leontine was “the one”.

B: I almost didn’t even see my place. I had seen it online and wasn’t impressed at all. But as soon as I walked in I started putting my furniture in the space. We saw a few places and even though some were larger or newer, mine was the only place I could picture myself living in immediately. 

S: What is your favorite part of your home?

B: My favorite part is the front porch. I sit out there often during the week after work to unwind. Rex monitors the neighborhood and it’s a calm space for me to gather my thoughts. 

S: How did you approach the decorating process? 

B: After almost eight months of living in the space, I finally decided to paint. I wanted to live in it before making any changes. I wanted my place to feel more grown up than it did when I first moved in, but also wanted it to be a little funky and a little classic. The bright wall color with more subtle furniture works well for me. 

S: What are your tips for decorating on a budget?

B: I enjoy going prop sales to find interesting paintings/prints/decor. My favorite outdoor planted came from the Scream Queens prop sale! 

S: What advice would you give about the home-buying process?

B: My home buying process was incredibly easy. I think that my advice to first time homebuyers would be to be sure that you trust your Realtor, your lender, and your attorney. When you surround yourself with trustworthy people it’s a very easy process!