After months of searching, Brandon and Kelly knew Fern Street was their new house instantly. A classic converted double with a screened in porch, beautiful historic features, and great potential. The transaction proved interesting with an eccentric seller, but we powered through and the Maggiore’s bought themselves a beautiful home they could put their stamp on. 

It’s been two years since they moved in so I came by to say hello and check out all the work they’d done (specifically the bathroom reno I was stalking on Instagram!). I was absolutely floored. Brandon did the majority of the work himself and his meticulous nature and architectural background certainly paid off. 

Learn more about Brandon & Kelly’s story in my interview below:

Sissy: How did you know your house was “the one”? 

Brandon & Kelly: Our home search included quite a few duds...with odd floor plans or recent renovations that didn’t match our style. We saw our house at the Broker’s Open House and put in an offer that night. 

S: What is your favorite part of yalls home?

B&K: That porch though... [swoon]

S: How did ya’ll approach the design/decorating process? 

B&K: Our style is Mid-Century Modern meets New Orleans. We hope to change out some major furniture including the sofa and dining table [over time]. Right now we are wannabe minimalist...following the “spark of joy” trend where you only keep items that bring us joy in order to reduce clutter in our home. 

S: I LOVE your bathroom! Tell us what it took to create the space. 

B&K: It started with Kelly wanting to paint. It was an awful yellow color, the ceiling was dropped, there were three layers of vinyl floors, and the prior owner painted cats on the vanity. Picking paint colors somehow turned into demoing the bathroom. Lesson learned was to have a design/plan prior to demoing! With the bathroom already gutted, it took us a couple of months to decide on a new layout which delayed the project. 

S: What are your tips for renovating and/or decorating on a budget?

B&K: D.I.Y. within reason, and reuse materials. 

S: Where are some of your favorite places to shop for furniture?

B&K: When you can’t buy what you want build it! Brandon fabricated a few pieces of furniture in our home including a desk, coffee table, and side table. 

S: Where do you see you selves in five years? 

B&K: Hopefully in this house, undergoing a renovation of the back of the house (kitchen, deck, laundry room), maybe with some munchkins running around!