3 Sexiest NOLA Restaurants + Bonus Spot

Valentine’s Day might be a manufactured Hallmark holiday, but I thought it would be fun to roundup some of my favorite spots to set the vibe, whether you do it February 14th or any other day. I also decided to throw in a post-dinner lagniappe spot for you too :)


This dimly-lit French Quarter restaurant is moody and dark in all the right ways. The food is rich but refined, and the atmosphere perfectly captures what you’d hope a romantic dinner in a small carriage house would be. This is my go-to recommendation for friends visiting the city as well. 



Bon Appetite called it ‘The most romantic French restaurant in the world…4,792 miles from Paris.’ They weren’t wrong. N7 is part restaurant, part movie set. Difficult to find (which only adds to its allure) and surrounded by lush gardens, it’s the perfect spot to dine outside and drink bottles of beautiful French wines. 


Located in an old CBD townhouse next to the Ace Hotel, Seaworthy is a warm, layered space that evokes a different time and place. Dripping candlewax and cozy seating make it hard to fight the romantic vibe. 


I didn’t include Bacchanal on this list because it’s not exactly where I would go to have a fabulous romantic dinner, but it would certainly be my nightcap, so I added it as a bonus for you. After a fabulous meal at any of the gorgeous restaurants above, I’d find myself at Bacchanal, drinking wine under the twinkling courtyard lights and listening to music. It’s the magic we all know and love that only Bacchanal can create. It’s a romantic, effortless oasis in New Orleans to me.