Ten Things - Part 2

10 Questions to ask your Realtor continued...

Question #6 :  Who else will be working with us?

Sissy:  It takes a village to sell a house! I work with photographers, designers, lenders, insurance agents, contractors, architects, title attorneys, other Realtors, appraisers, the list goes on. I've developed a great network of professionals that I trust and work well with. I really act as a liaison for my clients between this cast of people to make sure you get the best service possible. 

Question #7:  What pitfalls of home buying can you help me avoid? 

Sissy:  My main goal is always to protect your interest. No sale is ever the same and every transaction is unique, the most important thing for a real estate to do is to be pro-active. Being pro-active is how you best avoid pitfalls. For example, sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we've found the house you want to buy before we've even listed your current home. Maneuvering these contingencies takes a lot of thought and strategy to avoid pitfalls. 

Question #8:  How will you keep me informed? 

Sissy:  Every client has different needs for communication. But one of the biggest complaints consumers had according to a Realtor.com national poll was that there agent didn't communicate enough with them throughout the process. I work really hard to streamline the buying and selling process so that my clients are never left wondering whats going on or what the next step is. 

Question #9:  What sets you apart from other agents?

Sissy:  For me this is a personal journey with people. Every sale is totally different and unique. Theres a lot of expertise and energy that goes into truly understanding a buyers needs and how to best market a property. The most impactful thing I do, is all the leg work before we even list house or start the home search. You are not just a transaction. 

Question #10:  What haven't I asked you that you need to know?

Sissy:  Buying or selling home is different every time, and it is never a flawless, perfect process. It's important to work with someone you like and trust. Because when obstacles inevitably arise you want to know you've got someone that can really help you navigate those waters. Any reputable real estate agent can spit off a list accolades, production stats, and sales volumes. But you are more than a statistic, this process impacts your real life. You need to work with someone who understands and appreciates that.